Emergency health plans (EHP) are important records of what patients want to be done in the event of a sudden illness. EHP are created and agreed upon by the patient, their family and health professionals providing clear, personalised instructions of what types of care should be provided in the event of an emergency. Information is also given about who usually looks after the patient and who to inform of their admission to hospital.

Although copies of this plan are often given to the patient, their family and local hospital notes, these can easily be forgotten, misplaced or may not be available due to the patient being out of area. When rushing to hospital, the two things you are most likely to remember are your keys and mobile phone, not necessarily paperwork such as the EHP. This can mean that the EHP may not be found or used for several days in some cases. This app aims to make sure that you always have a copy of this important plan to hand in case of emergency. The app allows patients to upload an image of their EHP to either be displayed directly on their phone, or sent via email to health care professionals. This improves communication and empowers the patient by making sure everyone knows their wishes in the event of an emergency.

Who We Are

We are an established charity that supports and empowers anyone affected by Spinal Muscular Atrophy. We are advocates for better services and access to new treatments, raise public awareness and fund research related initiatives.

Our services are free to those in the UK but we do not provide medical services/advice, which must come from your medical team.

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